Jessica Walters

When I bought my Arabian gelding, I didn’t ride him for a month because I was afraid of him. When I finally started riding him, he was a nutcase and would lose his brain almost immediately and wanted to be a racehorse. I didn’t know how to get him to pay attention to me and tiring him out wasn’t working. He was broke to ride at 12 years old but was like a young colt that didn’t know even the basics.

I found Lisette online and looked at her website and was impressed. I called her and we had a great conversation about a game-plan to get my gelding finished and where he needed to be for his age.

I took weekly and bi-weekly lessons from Lisette for an entire year and the knowledge that she imparted upon me has been invaluable. Whether you ride English or Western-style, the same basic training principles apply. My lessons consisted of an hour of groundwork and an hour of riding. Lisette taught me what to do to get my horse thinking and connected to me, and how to ride him if he’s spooking.

She has given me the tools to be able to teach my horse anything and I enjoy using what I’ve learned to play with him on the ground at liberty, and to ride him with finesse. My horse is extremely soft  in the bridle and moves off the leg with light pressure. He is calm, connected, and responsive; a completely different horse than he once was. I am now preparing to show him, something I wouldn’t have even imagined I’d be able to do a year ago. Everyone who rides him tells me what a great job I have done with him. I owe most of that to Lisette and I would still be taking lessons with her today if I could.

Lisette is professional, trustworthy, practical, and always available to give advice, whether it involves training or general horse care. I would recommend her to anyone serious about learning how to train their horse, whether you have professional or show goals, or just want to be safe and have fun.