Janel Opeka

As an advanced beginner, I started taking lessons with Lisette, as she was training a horse that I had leased. A year later, she helped me evaluate horses I was interested in for purchase, and helped me make a detailed list of concerns to address with the vet check once I chose a horse to purchase.

We eventually started competing in Ranch Horse Versatility, and changed my training program from learn-to-ride to trainer-in-training. My horse needs a confident handler, and Lisette has helped me become a strong leader for my horse.

Lisette is great at breaking down overwhelming issues into manageable parts. She is hard-driving, a good listener, generous with her time, and creative in her methods to help you succeed in your goals. She understands that all horses and riders are different and will tailor a program to meet your needs.

We continue competing in the CoVRHA, and have earned a reputation for being able to make great progress from show to show and season to season.

Thank you, Lisette!