Lesson Methodology

In all my years as a trainer, coach and instructor I get the most satisfaction out of seeing a horse and rider come together and excel in a chosen discipline. I know I can work with your horse and teach your horse to perform on the level that you desire, however, I have learned throughout the years that that does not mean that you will always get the same results.

My true passion is to teach you how to teach and develop your horse mentally, emotionally and physically to the level you desire. I am here for you, to help and to guide you and to assist where needed or necessary.

The foundation of my lessons is to build a solid foundation on the ground and under saddle. Lessons focus on biomechanics showing you how to change your position to gain maximum effect on your horse. These changes can be subtle and change habits of a lifetime, or dramatic with an equally dramatic effect on the horse. Your horse will tell you very clearly when you have it right.

In my lessons you will learn how to break down complex concepts or maneuvers into manageable parts so you can learn how to communicate clearly with the correct intentions and start to build to where you want to go in your horsemanship and riding. I will teach you to “notice” what’s going on and will give you a skills set so you can begin to make positive changes in your body and the horse’s in the same way that ‘natural’ riders do unconsciously. Over time you will begin to develop timing and feel, the 2 cornerstones of good horsemanship.

As the awareness of our own body and position grows, you will then know how to listen to the body of your horse. You will learn how to implement horsemanship techniques focused on your horse’s mental and emotional state into everyday riding and training. Your responsibility and your horse’s become clear and you will start to ‘ride for response’. I will teach you elements of training to help your horse’s muscle development and suppleness and as your horse develops physically and mentally his confidence will increase and he will begin to show you his own beautiful best.